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Why A Trip To Missouri Will Be Fun For Your Kids

Why A Trip To Missouri Will Be Fun For Your Kids

If choosing a new destination to take your kids on a vacation is on your agenda, go to the state of Missouri. Most people think about the St. Louis Arch, but there is so much more than this one city and one tourist attraction. There are museums that you can see, outdoor activities, and tours that are exceptional. You are going to have a lot of fun, but if this is specifically designated for your kids, here are some attractions that they will love.

The Magic House

The outside of this location remind you of Disneyland when you first see it. It looks very magical. It’s designed for smaller kids, and there are exhibits and programs that they will enjoy. They can check out the different educational toys, go to Sandcastle Beach. Even Clifford the very famous Big Red Dog is available for little kids that will absolutely love it.

St. Louis Zoo

When you think of the zoo, you are always thinking about how much it’s going to cost. If you are on a strict budget, you are probably going to call in advance. What you will find is that the zoo is actually free which is so unique. This makes it one of the best places that you can bring your children. There are sea lions, kangaroos, gorillas, and an assortment of other creatures. Your kids will love the spacious and well-kept facilities, plus all of the wonderful animals that they will get to see.

Caves That They Can Visit

Kids love to go to these locations. It’s nice for them to just plan not have to worry about anything at all. If you have older kids, you can take them to some of the caves that are spread throughout the state, with Fantastic Caverns being at the top of the list. What is unique about caves is that it allows them to really learn about the earth and how things are created. They will marvel at the beautiful rock formations, and when they are riding or walking through these caverns, it is something they will always remember.

All of these activities are available for kids that will absolutely have a lot of fun. Plan your trip to Missouri as soon as you can, and get ready to watch your kids get excited. Start planning today, and you will likely want to invite people along the next time you go to Missouri.